Are you a chocolate lover?

Would you like to have chocolate with health benefits?

Chocolates are said to be one of the most delicious desserts. But we are worried about its large number of calories.

Most of the people want to eat chocolate but they are also worried about the damages they cause to our health, especially fat or sick people.

What if chocolate can provide you many heaths benefits over the harms?

yes, it is true the dark chocolate is one of the best health buster as it has many benefits to our health.

Not all the chocolates are the health you need to make a decision that which chocolate you are eating and how it is different from the other chocolates.

Dark chocolate is different from white and milk chocolate( white chocolate and milk chocolate may have its own benefits and harms).

Here I am going to talk about only dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate has low sugar and a high volume of cocoa.

It contains about 30-70percent of cocoa solids which are highest in all form of chocolates and make dark chocolate different from the other two forms of chocolate.

  • some of the benefits of dark chocolate for our body are
  • It controls the low cholesterol level.
  • Helps to improve low blood pressure
  • Prevents heart diseases.
  • Consuming 30g of chocolate per day helps in the fetal growth of a pregnant lady.
  • Improves athletic performance.

  • Skin benefits

Dark Chocolate also provides some of the skin benefits as it prevents premature aging,  promotes cell growth in our body.

Dark chocolate is rich in minerals which helps in skin healing in case of any type of injury and it also helps in hair growth.

so we can make a conclusion that dark chocolate als0 has many benefits as it is helpful in the overall development of the body and improves your health or body functioning if you consume it in a limited amount.


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