Guinness Beer and Cheddar Soup in Mississauga



What is beer and cheddar soup, you may ask? Well it is a cheesy soup containing, well you guessed it BEER and CHEESE! I would like to inform you about where you can purchase Guinness beer and cheddar soup in Mississauga. As well as a few recipes that you can make at home.


Places to purchase beer and cheddar soup:

Firstly, you can purchase it at Jack Astor’s.

Guinness Beer and Cheddar Soup in Mississauga - Front of Jack Astor's Square One location










The soup will be extra creamy and mouthwatering delicious. Moreover, the atmosphere at Jack Astor’s is beyond phenomenal. In addition to the atmosphere, they have amazing LED T.V’s to watch sports games on, coupled with the fast service, Jacks becomes a first choice dining experience. You can start off with the soup and move onto your main dish such as a pasta or a steak. The food here is extremely tasty!


Moving on, you can get the soup from Moxie’s Grill and Bar.

Guinness Beer and Cheddar Soup in Mississauga - Inside of Moxie's Bar and Grill - Seating Area













Moxie’s is a little bit higher of a price but that also comes with the increased quality. The atmosphere that Moxie’s provides is of the higher class dining experience. Furthermore, moxie’s offers exceptional food and service to their customers. This tailored experience is beneficial to the customer as it promotes a unique atmosphere where the customer feels well liked and not rushed.

In addition, to restaurants why not make beer and cheddar soup at home? Here are some recipes that you can follow:

Beer cheese soup from the Food Network. This recipe yields 6 servings and is really easy to make. The amount of time it takes to make is 1 hour. The good thing about making it at home is that you can make it how you like it. Add Guinness, take away the carrots, add different spices – its all up to you! Make it how you want it.

Another recipe I would like to share is from Food & Wine. This recipe also yields 6 servings and it takes 45 minutes to make. Between the two recipes this is one takes the cake. It has bacon, its easier and quicker to make, also this recipe makes a roux. The roux will help thicken the sauce and keep it from getting lumpy.

Guinness beer and cheddar soup in Mississauga, how wonderful. You can buy it at Jack Astor’s, Moxie’s Grill and Bar or you can even make it at home. If you enjoy draft beer Heineken, please check out our other post here.






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