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” You Don’t just eat them.”

Most of the Canadian are aware of the reputation and the products of the company. And they have tried different flavors of it.

It is totally clear that from where does pringles come.:

  • A wheat-based arrangement and made out of potatoes.
  •  Came into existence in 1967.
  • At that time, it was first owned by Procter and Gamble.
  • It lasted upto 2012.
  • After 2012, Kellogg Company took over the ownership from Procter and Gamble.
  • Later we are going to discuss about the ownership of pringles, foe instance: Procter & Gamble Versus Kellogg Company.


According to the previous owners, Pringles word came into existence in 1960s. The reason being:

  • The name came from where they found it.
  • Was located in Pringles Avenue in Fenneytown.
  • And the known customers or the public were well known and it was the demand of the public as a whole.
  • It was launched outside North America 1991 (PotatoPro, n.d.).


Procter and gamble

Pringles Procter and gamble versus Kellogg Company

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In this present situation, the product of pringles:

  1. Is getting sold in 140 different countries.
  2. It includes different flavors, mainly the potato chip flavor (PotatoPro, n.d.).


In 2012, the owner of Pringles brand changed from Procter and Gamble to Kellogg Company. It acquired good sales. Ans helped them in making brand awareness including manufacturing facilities.

It made an incredible growth within a short span of time.


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04/07/2 Pringles Procter and gamble versus Kellogg Company


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In 2012, it was the most popular snack brand.Has 2.2% market share globally . After Doritos and Cheetos.

Procter&Gamble Vs Kellogg

The history of Pringles began when P&G thought to make a kind of chip which did not break and is uniform in shape and flavor during 1956. Chemists spent around 2 years inventing. And a special can was made. The feature of that was it can be used to store and market the product, to make it unbreakable.

This was the reason that they came up with an aluminium-coated and aerodynamic enough, tabular can.

On 21 Dec-1976 the patent for Pringles is described as a potato chip dough. Mainly prepared from cooked potatoes  and water.

Nearly after a decade of its development. Pringles were released to the public in 1967.
Throughout 1960s and 1970s the product did not make very well. The reason was that the flavor was not good.

In 1980s it made a comeback. Certain changes were made to the flavor of the product along. Including new advertising campaign which stated “Fever for the flavor of Pringles”. Slowly and steadily Pringles became the largest brand for Procter and Gamble with the revenue of 1 billion dollars by late 1990s.

In 2011, the company announced the selling of Pringles brand to Diamond foods. It is located in California.  Mainly originated for food company.

On February 15 -2012 Kellogg’s announced to buy the brand.

Kellogg’s is an American multinational food-manufacturing company which had its headquarters in Battle Creek,Michigan. The company mainly produced snacks like Cheez-It and Fruit Loops. With the acquisition of Pringles, Kellogg’s became the second largest snack company.



At present Pringles include 162 flavors.

Some of them are special edition and some are readily available.
List of different flavours of Pringles are:
•The Original flavour
•Bacon flavour
•Jalapeno Pringles
•Cheddar and Sour Cream
•Lightly salted Pringles
•Cheddar cheese
•Salt and vinegar flavour
•Salt and Pepper
•Crushed Pepper flavour
•Sweet Mayo Cheese Flavoured etc.

In 2019 Pringles gets produced in factories located in Jackson which is in Tennessee; Mechelen, Belgium; Johor, Malaysia; Kutno, Poland; and Fujian, China.


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