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Feely Piano School has top piano tutors in Mississauga, ON. We offer high-quality piano lessons right to your door. They are all in-home sessions and we have all necessary materials provided. No more hassles, worries, and confusions. We take the guess work out of the planning, so you can focus on learning the piano. There’s no surprise to why we’re labelled as a “Top Piano Tutor in Mississauga, ON.” Our services are now being offered across Canada, with locations now in Calgary, AB and Edmonton, AB. Therefore, it’s a great time to learn how to play this historic and majestic masterpiece!


What Can I Expect With Feely Piano School’s Services?

We get it, we’re a new piano school, and you may have not ever have hard of us. However, you need some convincing on why you should enroll in our tutoring services. Therefore, here are noteworthy reasons on why you’ll choose Feely Piano School.

  • First off, we’re a small start-up company. We are more interested in delivering you the best piano tutoring services than in our profit margins. In contrast, big companies offering music lessons are often criticized for only being concerned about profits while offering very little real learning experience.
  • Second of all, our piano tutoring services are one-on-one. You will be taught with one of our highly skilled piano teachers, ensuring the best learning experience possible.
  • Third of all, Feely Piano School’s services are a game-changer within the music lesson industry. We created fun and exciting teaching methods to ensure effective learning, and at the same time, having a blast!
  • Fourth of all, if you feel like the piano lessons are going to fast, or even too slow, we got you covered. You can tailor these lessons that fit your preferences and special needs. We are more than willing to teach at your pace!
  • Lastly, we will take care of any difficulties that you might run into with a teacher. We’ll issue you a brand new piano teacher (if needed) and issue you a full refund, period. However, we promise that we will find you the most compatible piano teacher.

Top Piano Tutor Mississauga Emilee Feely

Feely Piano School was founded by Emilee-Mae Feely, in Waterloo, Ontario in 2014.  Feely is one of the teachers in the company and is responsible for most of the company’s operations. She creates currently conducts the following:

  • Makes the piano lesson plans
  • Responsible for hiring the best teachers
  • Manages the Feely Piano School’s online presence
  • Writes blogs
  • Creates brand new products and services

Fun Fact: Feely is a semi-finalist for StartupBus North America 2018 for her “Mindful Music App”.


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