Keeping Clean Aquarium

Keeping clean aquarium is a lot less work then most people think. As long as you do the required regular maintenance, your fish tank will look as good as the day you brought it home. Maintenance routines are as followed:

  • Water Changes
  • Filter Maintenance
  • Glass cleaning

Weekly Water Changes

Keeping Clean Aquarium

Water changes are one of, if not the most important aspect of keeping a clean aquarium. When doing a water change, you want to remove 25-30% of your water. At the same time, vacuum the substrate to remove waste at the bottom of your aquarium. When replacing the water, make sure you use a product (Prime is preferred) to remove the tap water chlorine. It is important to make sure that your tap water matches the water temperature of your aquarium. Top-off aquarium with tap water and done.


Filter Maintenance

Filter maintenance is very important in keeping a clean aquarium because the filter is what the water runs through to keep the tank clean.. Weekly water changes are not very useful if the filter does not get cleaned. There are three main types of filters:

  1. Cannister
  2. Hang on the back
  3. Internal/under gravel

Hang on the back

When running a hang on the back filter, it must be watched. Cartridges become extremely dirty, at this point they must be changed. Failure to do so will result in a dirty aquarium. Remove cartridge from filter and replace with the correct model. Owners should check this every 3-4 weeks.


Canister filters work the best of these three options because it holds the most water and has the most media inside. Canisters have more media inside them but can keep an aquarium cleaner then the standard hang on the back filter. Canister filters are the ideal choice for any home aquarium. You must clean these filters every 3-4 weeks. Clean the lines every 3 months.


Cleaning an internal filter is also something that owners should do once a  month. Opening the system and giving the inside a thorough cleaning is a must.

Glass Cleaning

Always wipe down fish tank glass when algae grows. Take a scratch free sponge and wipe it on interior of glass.

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