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Feely’s piano sessions ensures quality learning in the comfort of your own home. In addition, here at Feely Piano, we provide quality music education through our many certified instructors. Furthermore, Feely’s piano sessions help hundreds of students across 3 provinces and more than 10 cities across Canada to increasing their techniques and love for music. Lastly, Feely’s Piano School has been around for 3 years and through hard work and dedication we wish to continue to grow more to enhance the love of music to more individuals across Canada.

Mission Statement 

“Our social goal is to create a place for families to take classes, and learn together in the comfort of their home while still being affordable. In addition, we want to have our customers have the easiest, most convenient and satisfactory experience with our school.”

Our Method

Feely’s piano sessions is specified for each client to enhance their learning. Whereas, other music education companies use the same tools for each client. Here at Feely Piano School we recognize that everyone learns at a different page, and that some techniques may work better on some clients than other.

Apart from this, Feely specializes the content to include music, reading, rhythm (and math), creative songwriting, and singing movement into our created curriculum. 

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Meet the Founder

[cq_vc_colorblock image=”17505″ thetitle=”Emilee Feely” contentcolor=”#000000″ textblockbg=”customized” custombgcolor=”#f7f79b”]Founded  Feely’s Piano School in 2014 in Waterloo Ontario. Emilee realized the impact that music made in her life and wanted to create a company that would impact her clients in a similar way. In addition, Ms. Feely noticed by bringing music to the clients it allows them to be more time -manageable. Furthermore, Emilee recognized the benefits of music in children still developing and created a company that brings music to their own home in order for them to be in a comfortable environment.[/cq_vc_colorblock]

Why Feely Piano School Founder Loves to Teach Piano


[cq_vc_avatarblock icon_entypo=”entypo-icon entypo-icon-note-beamed” iconcolor=”#f42816″ bordercolor=”#000000″ texttitle=”Do I need a Piano to receive sessions?”]Nope! Most piano students begin on an electric keyboard . In addition, we provide rentals for $20 a month. Lastly, if you like it, you can buy it after a month![/cq_vc_avatarblock][cq_vc_avatarblock icon_entypo=”entypo-icon entypo-icon-note-beamed” iconcolor=”#f2e204″ bordercolor=”#000000″ texttitle=”How long should each session be ?”]

We advise students to begin with 45 minute lessons. Furthermore, this helps your teacher and you learn to write, read, play, and create music without being rushed. However, 30 minute lessons are available for those under the age of 6, and hour lessons are a great option as well.

[/cq_vc_avatarblock][cq_vc_avatarblock icon_entypo=”entypo-icon entypo-icon-note-beamed” iconcolor=”#7f04f9″ bordercolor=”#000000″ texttitle=”What if I need to cancel my session ?”]

We operate like any other professional service, we require 24 hours notice for all cancellations. Furthermore, If your student is sick, let us know and we can give you  free credit for the end of the term. However, Each student is provided with one opportunity for a cancellation and make up credit at the end of the term. If you will be cancelling lessons ongoing, 4 weeks notice is required for a full refund.


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Feely Piano App 2019 


We are proud to announce that the official Feely Piano App is arriving this September 2019! This app has been on the works for a while now, and we can’t wait to enhance your experience with Feely Piano School.

What Should Our Clients Expect From this App ? 

Feely Piano App allows our loyal clients to enhance their experience with our business. Moreover, the app consist of many elements to make your lives easier, improving the way students are taught and how you communicate with your instructor.In addition to this, clients are now able to become a part of the Feely family by creating an account. Having an account gives you special  access to special monthly giveaways, several promotions throughout the year, and gives you a chance to receive referral bonuses.

Furthermore, becoming a Feely member allows you to have updates on your little ones Feely piano sessions. Which include, comments about from your instructor within 24 hours of each session, assignment grades, and improvements child should work on. In addition to the many things already listed, the app will also allow for digital 20 min training classes for purchase, a calendar of scheduled appointment, and lastly the ability to book, pay and contact instructors with more ease

Above all, our clients are very important to us all here at Feely Piano School and we will continue to work hard to enhance your experience for years to come.

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In honour of us releasing the app this 2019, we are offering one  grand prize winner a brand new piano. In addition, second, and third place winners will receive free lessons.

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Feely’s Piano Sessions

[cq_vc_colorblock image=”17612″ thetitle=”30 mins” contentcolor=”#000000″ textblockbg=”customized” custombgcolor=”#96d668″]


[/cq_vc_colorblock][cq_vc_colorblock image=”17613″ thetitle=”45 mins” contentcolor=”#000000″ textblockbg=”customized” custombgcolor=”#96d668″]


[/cq_vc_colorblock][cq_vc_colorblock image=”17618″ thetitle=”60 mins” contentcolor=”#000000″ textblockbg=”customized” custombgcolor=”#96d668″]



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Music Composer Now Offered 

Success Stories

Do you know what Neil Armstrong, the first astronaut to walk on the moon; Albert Einstein, a physicist who won a Nobel Prize in 1921; and Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, all have in common? They all played a musical instrument.

Feely’s piano sessions allow you or your child to appreciate music while psychologically enhancing yourself. Subsequently, learning an instrument gives you tools that help improve your chances of becoming the most successful you.

Not only, does it boost your creativity, but also helps individuals connect with others. In addition to those listed above, those who play an instrument have different brain development, enhance math skills, and are able to process speech more efficiently. Lastly, they are conditioned to work harder for results and are more self controlled.


[cq_vc_avatarblock icon_entypo=”entypo-icon entypo-icon-note” iconcolor=”#0415f9″ bordercolor=”#000000″]”Emilee is extremely passionate about piano, and teaching her students. In addition, I have known Em as a friend and colleague for a short time, and see how motivated she is to provide the best experience possible to her students, caring about them, and their success by going the extra mile.”[/cq_vc_avatarblock][cq_vc_avatarblock icon_entypo=”entypo-icon entypo-icon-note” iconcolor=”#ea8007″ bordercolor=”#000000″]”My daughter and i are both learning to play the piano. Our teacher is Joanna and she is fantastic. Very energetic, fun, and very patient. Furthermore, she is so encouraging. I love how in just a couple months I am already able to play a couple songs. Its a perfect teaching blend of theory and practice. We both LOVE it! 5 star service! Being able to do it from home priceless!”[/cq_vc_avatarblock][cq_vc_avatarblock icon_entypo=”entypo-icon entypo-icon-note” iconcolor=”#26e500″ bordercolor=”#000000″]”Have been working with Emilee a few short weeks now and the progress is amazing. For instance, Emilee has a way to take the fear I had out of learning “theory”. I know I’m on the right track now. In the privacy of your own home as well !! win win situation. Lastly, if your considering learning this instrument do yourself a favour and reach out to her “[/cq_vc_avatarblock]

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Feely’s Piano Sessions Virtual ? 

Feely’s piano sessions are going virtual alongside their regular at home sessions. Therefore, virtual sessions will be provided to those that are not in proximity to one of our amazing instructors, and to those that still want to receive their session when out of the country. In addition, the purchase of Feely’s piano sessions virtual allow children across the globe to receive a quality music education for a fair price. At this time, virtual sessions are still at work more information coming soon …

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