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how to prepare quizprepare quiz

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Make flash cards to prepare quiz. Create flash cards by hand or online when preparing for a quiz. Whatever method you use, however, make sure that you create your own flash cards. Creating your own flash cards creates neural pathways. These neural pathways will help you retrieve the important information you learned at a later date.

Use mnemonic devices. Acronyms and mnemonic devices are a great way to memorize difficult information. String together words to make a memorable phrase or sentence. Each word in the phrase should start with the letter of the piece of information you are trying to remember

Quiz yourself. Test your knowledge by reviewing the practice quizzes at the end of each chapter of your textbook. Review the information that you got wrong on the practice quizzes. Re-take the practice quizzes until you get every answer correct

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Review your study materials. Don’t just go over your study materials once, but three or four times. Repetition is key here. Review the information until you have grasped the important concepts. remember prepare quiz

Study in advance. Try not to wait until the last minute to study for your quiz. Study at least one week in advance. This way, you have enough time to review your notes and flash cards more than once. It will also give you time to ask your teacher questions to clarify concepts you don’t fully understand.

Discuss the information. Discuss the information you are learning with friends or family members. Story telling can be very useful here. By presenting the information to your friends in the form of a story, you will connect the information with visual imagery. This will help you prepare quiz.

Find a quiet place. Investigate multiple places to see if they suit your studying needs. The area you choose should be in a quiet place, and away from loud, central gathering areas, like the kitchen table or living room.

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