What new flavors Yoplait’s Yop brand needs

We all know what Yop is. It’s those drinkable yogurt from Yoplait that mom put in our lunch boxes before school and  the yogurt that once we finish we put the cap back on and squeeze it hard enough to make the cap go flying. We all know about the 200 ml bottles but did you know that Yop came in 1 liter bottles? I did not know this until last year myself! Sadly their offerings are disappointing and that why I’m here to discuss, What new flavors Yoplait’s Yop brand needs.

What new flavors Yoplait's Yop brand needs

Several flavors of Yop

Yop consist primarily of 200 ml bottles and a few 1 liter bottle products. Now the 200ml bottle have a wide selection of flavors. Strawberry-banana, blubbery, raspberry, peach, vanilla and strawberry. Good selection right? But that’s not all! They also have low fat and smoothie options. Now here is the problem, the 1 liter bottle got no love at all. Currently the only 3 flavors available are vanilla, strawberry and strawberry-banana.

My pick for Flavors Yoplait’s Yop brand should add

So here is my two cents on what new flavors Yoplait’s Yop brand needs. Firstly they need to implement there existing flavors into 1 liter bottles. Strawberry is a popular flavor but I wonder how vanilla made it to the list. There are much more popular flavors that people enjoy. Peach, raspberry and Blueberry should of been made into 1 liter bottle long ago. These are staple flavors every other yogurt company uses and should of been no brainers for Yop.

Now the Yogurt industry is expanding and one of the leading forces are frozen yogurt store. Yoplait must take a page out of their book because frozen yogurt stores offer a plethora of flavors, many of them people would of never associate with yogurt. Mango, cotton candy, red velvet, caramel and even guava. Yoplait needs to get these flavors in there Yop brand as it will boost brands sales and generate interest because over the past decade Yop has stagnated. This should not be the case as they have a near monopoly on the drinkable yogurt market and doing these step will get Yop back in line.

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