About Our Yogurt

Activia probiotic strawberry banana flavour in Mississauga is the way to go with the best yogurt that helps you stay healthy. It helps to keep your good and bad bacteria at balance in order to help with your digestive system. When you’re at balance, your life will be at balance. Rather than taking supplements or trying your best to eat right, you can simply take our Activia probiotic yogurt. By doing so you won’t have to be swallowing pills or trying to incorporate many other foods you might not like into your diet. Our yogurt is refreshing, healthy, and flavourful and can be taken on the go. From all of these our most popular flavours are strawberry and banana. Our Activia probiotic strawberry banana flavour in Mississauga is the best out there.

Customer Satisfaction

With our highly recommended and best selling yogurt, many people have noticed a great difference in their digestive system. It encouraged many people to stay health and take time out of their day to indulge in this creamy delicious yogurt. Many customers have said that doing so has given them an excuse to have some time to themselves which they had a hard time doing before. Also, with our huge variety of flavours, it will satisfy anyone’s cravings. Our flavour variety includes peach, strawberry, vanilla, lemon, blackcurrant, apple blackberry, blueberry, blackberry, pineapple, key lime, banana, raspberry, mixed berry, cherry and just plain yogurt. Other than our yogurt cups, many customers have purchased our bottled yogurt that is travel friendly and can literally be taken anywhere without needing the use of a spoon.

Give it a Try!

Try our yogurts today and feel the difference. Share it with a friend or just eat for yourself. Staying healthy is the new trend that is catching on quick, so don’t be left out and join in today!

Activia drinkable yogurt Activia strawberry and banana yogurt



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