Some people might say if they don’t expose directly to the sun, they don’t need sunscreen, that’s the reason why there is no reason to wear it in winter, when it’s mostly cloudy days. However, it’s actually a bad idea, as UV rays can attack your skin anywhere, in any season. Therefore, everyone needs sunscreen to protect their skin from damaging UV rays from the sun, and apply sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before going outdoors.


Ultraviolet Radiation attacks your skin constantly

UVA and UVB which are two types of Ultraviolet Radiation could damage the skin’s cellular DNA and make we age faster. Even when we’re at home, in our office with closed windows, when we go out in cloudy days, or in the cold weather, they still exist and keep damaging our skin. Therefore, we need to reapply sunscreen every two hours.



They attack our skin when you are using smart devices

People may think that, in the winter, when the UV rate is low, when they stay indoor, they don’t need to wear sunscreen. However, It’s shocking to know that, when we use our laptop, smartphone, Ipad, etc. at home, all that blue light from our screens might be making us look older. Therefore, Fan Bing Bing, a famous actress in China, applies sunscreen even at night, when she uses her smart devices.

How to Use it

Apply sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before going outdoors. Cover all areas of the skin that will be exposed to the sun’s rays. Apply liberally. Most people, including children, need about 1 oz. of product to cover exposed areas sufficiently. Reapply every two hours.

Choose the right sunscreen

  • Choose one that doesn’t harm your skin.

Seventeen sunscreen ingredients have been approved for use in the US by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); they include both chemical and physical substances. Chemical sunscreen ingredients, such as PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) and cinnamates, absorb UV rays and convert the sun’s radiation into heat energy, while physical sunscreens (such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) deflect and scatter the rays before they penetrate your skin. Before purchasing, you should check the ingredients within the product to ensure you don’t apply harmful chemicals to your skin.

  • Choose one that suits your skin type

Every person has a specific skin type; you need to choose the product that suits yours. There are five different skin types, if you haven’t known your kind yet, click here to define yours. Then, when purchasing, find ones that suit your skin type. For example, sunscreen for oily skin helps to control the amount of oil released on our face during the day, while which of dry skin consists of ingredients that help to hydrate your skin.



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